Sunday, January 13, 2013

Upcoming week, last week and a MLK and reading FREEBIE!!!

Hope ya'll  survived the first week back and got some relaxation this weekend! Last week, in second grade, we worked on cultures, animal habitats, antonyms and New Year Resolutions. It is so adorable to see some of their responses. My favorites are when they say they want to stop picking on their sibling!  They are so honest about their resolutions! Too stinkin' cute!

I wanted to post a couple freebies and talk about plans for this upcoming week! I hope you can use them in your classroom!  The first one is a reading and tasks freebie. I laminate the reading questions and tasks and put these in a bucket and attach popsicle sticks to them. They are great for down time, challenging students and centers.

Located here: Freebies

For this upcoming week, we are going to be focusing on homonyms and homophones, MLK and penguin researching!

For homophones, we will be creating a pair of pears tree (picture from my class last year!). There are lots of cute books on homonyms and homophones and I really the one by Brian Cleary.

We will be doing some activities throughout the week to learn more about Martin Luther King. We will watch the brainpop video on him as well as listen to the stories on bookflix. I will be creating a super easy wixie for my students to complete after listening to one of the stories on bookflix. I will take a picture of it once it is done....but, I did just add a FREEBIE!!!! for MLK. It is a writing craftivity and students will be writing and then making the Nobel Peace Prize! I hope you can use it in your classroom this week :) PS. Don't mind my nails in the one picture! I really need to paint them, ha!

Lastly, my students will be starting their penguin research project. Students simply adore penguins (me, too!) and I can't wait to see how excited they will be when they find out what they're researching. I also have a penguin unit on TPT that you may find useful located here. 

Have a great week (:


  1. I love your MLK craftivity!! Thanks so much for sharing! Your new blog design is super cute!! I found you through Christy's design blog. She does such awesome work! Welcome to blogging! You're both going to love it, especially since you're doing it together! Best of luck! =)
    Sister Teachers

  2. You are so welcome and thank you so much for stopping by!! She does do such awesome work! We are so excited and LOVE seeing others that blog together, too! (: