Friday, January 25, 2013

Penguins, MLK and bridesmaid dress shopping!!

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you had a wonderful week! It was a great week, despite having a Lysol party multiple times a day in my classroom! The new stomach virus hit hard this week. We are cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and trying to all stay healthy.

Before I give a quick update from this week - - I just had to share that my best friend is getting married this summer! She is having a Greek wedding and I can't even wait. I already told her that I will be buying cheap plates so we can truly have a big Greek wedding (with the dancing and plate throwing/breaking and all -- I swear I saw this on the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding -- right?!). We went bridesmaid dress shopping and let me tell you all, I am IN LOVE with the dress! It is the perfect shade of magenta and just fits great. I love when things work out the way they are meant to!

Okay, back to school -- this week was a whirlwind with some kiddos out sick, so we did some review of concepts. We finished our penguin research and made these cute penguins from my penguin unit located here.

We also made our Martin Luther King Nobel Peace Prize main idea/details craft. If you missed this  freebie, hopefully you can use it for next year.

I am off to bed! I need to catch up on some much needed sleep. I will be working on a Valentine's Unit and Social Studies Unit in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned! 

Enjoy your weekend! (:

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