Friday, January 9, 2015

Holidays Around the World Event...and giveaway!

Can you believe it...I am writing two days in a row!!! I almost don't believe it, either. I wanted to blog about a project my kiddos did before we left for winter break. During the month of December, we learned about Holidays Around the World and used What the Teacher Wants Holidays Around the World Packets to help us on our adventures! I can't tell you how much fun they had....they loved learning about Santa Claus and how other kids celebrated the holiday (and were a bit jealous that some people got presents for more than one day!). 

After we read and discussed the different countries, students got to choose one to do more research on with buddies. They then created their countries flag, props that went along with their country to hang (i.e. France made the Eiffel Tower, Australia made surfboards, etc.), a speech, and a TV commercial using their iPads. Students transformed from first graders into travel agents during our Holidays Around the World Event and shared their information, showed their TV commercials trying to persuade people to come to their country, and their props to their families and other students in the school. Each person that came to visit our event had a plane ticket telling them which country they would stop at first, second, etc. during their 7 stops around the world. After each person completed their travels, they used their iPads or iPhones to scan a QR code on an airplane that the students made during art class, and chose which country persuaded them most to visit for their holiday. The students had such an amazing time and I loved that it used such real-life applications! :)

Here are a few pictures.....(the students put their pictures inside "windows" on the cute!)

Stay tuned tomorrow...I will be having a give-away of my newest unit: Let's Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Stay Warm!!

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